HD Genealogy

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As you travel through this website, you will meet my family and other families with this genetic disorder. I will not attempt to describe the disease, descriptions can be found elsewhere and I will post some links to those sites.

This site is not a study of Huntington's Disease, it is an attempt by me and others to track our family histories by tracking a disease. HD was called "hereditary chorea" before about 1875. It was recognized as being passed from parent to child from its earliest days. Chorea is a word which means "dance" in another language. One of the early symptoms of this disease is a fluid, almost graceful, tic of the entire body. Our earliest ancestors thought the victims looked like they were dancing. Those poor souls were avoided and even ostracized because our superstitious ancestors believed they were "dancing with the Devil."

If you are tracking a family which carries HD, please add your information here and consider joining our mailing list. My g-g-grandmother may be your g-g-aunt. To subscribe to the mailing list, send an email to HUNTINGTON-DISEASE-L-request@rootsweb.com and type subscribe in the subject line. If you prefer to receive the digest version, change that L to a D. Remember, this is NOT a support group and may not be a good place for someone who has HD or who is close to someone with HD. Most of us will be discussing ancestors we never met (although you would certainly be welcome.)